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The right (and the wrong) way to use flyers to advertise your tutoring business | JustAddTutor

I think every tutor thinks of using flyers to advertise their tuition classes. It makes sense, considering that you see so many posters around advertising various tutors and tuition centers.

Unfortunately, most tutors use flyers the wrong way. They think their only job is to “get their name out there”. So, they put flyers up and “get their name out”.

Then they get zero responses and are surprised.

The point of a flyer is not to “get your name out there”. To be blunt, nobody cares that you’re a tutor. If they hear your name, they will promptly forget it.

A poster, when used correctly, is meant to

1) reach someone who is looking for a tutor

2) convince them to contact you.

So, if you post a random flyer in a coffee shop, you are already messing up on the first bullet point. People in a coffee shop are there to drink coffee, eat pastries, and possibly do some work.

They aren’t there to find tutors. So, if they see a tutoring flyer, they will literally instantly forget about it.

Where do you put your flyers, then? You put your flyers where people think about tutors: classrooms.

The best way to flyer, then, is to find a classroom at the beginning of a semester (or, if you’re tutoring young kids, at a back-to-school night so you can target their parents). Leave a bunch of flyers everywhere, so that people can take them home.

Everyone in a classroom will be thinking either about tutoring, or about things related to tutoring (like stressing about an upcoming test). That’s why it’s the right time to “introduce yourself”, so to speak.

But how do you convince people to contact you?

Same thing as we use for all of our marketing strategies. We advertise our logistics (what, where, how much, contact info), social proof (reviews and testimonials), and affiliations or credentials.

Most importantly: don’t forget to make it very clear why people should contact you instead of someone else. It’s not enough to make people aware of your existence; they are aware that there are tutors that exist in general.