Guides to help you start a tutoring business or improve an existing one

A lot of tutors contact me through this site. Around 95% of them have one question: “How can I get more business?”

That’s understandable. We got into this because we love teaching, yes, but we also started tutoring businesses to make money.

This is something I can help with.  As you may have read on Side Hustle Nation, CNBC, or Business Insider, I am really good at running a tutoring business, and it’s something I very much enjoy.

That’s why I offer two guides to help tutors grow their businesses. An email course for tutors starting their business, called How to Start a Successful Tutoring Business in 60 Days, and a roadmap for experienced business owners, called Increasing the Revenue of Your Tutoring Business. 

Both of these guides contain all of my content about running a successful tutoring business, including:

  1. Building a tutoring brand
  2. Taking a customer through a sales process from first contact to payment
  3. Handling the logistics of tutoring (like taxes!)
  4. Building an effective website

Of course, if you’re looking for some more personalized help for your tutoring business, feel free to check out my consulting packages.