21st Night: a free tutoring app

Interested in a free account for 21st Night? Contact me using my email: info [at] justaddtutor.com or the form at the bottom of the page. Just want to try it out? Try a free trial.

I developed 21st Night for my own tutoring practice. It solved some of the problems I was encountering, namely:

  1. Keeping track of what my tutoring clients had learned (and what we should cover next) required intensive note-taking on my part.
  2. My tutoring clients would frequently forget what I had taught them, even if they took notes.
  3. My clients would constantly lose the notes they took, so we’d have to go over questions again and again.

 21st Night solves these problems by allowing me to share problems with students. From there, my students and I can collaborate on an explanation, and I can check my student’s mastery of the problems I assign. To see how it works, watch the video below, or read on!

Here’s an example deck that I’ve created.

When I click through, I get to see how each student is doing on the questions, including any notes they’ve taken for themselves explaining the problem or giving themselves hints (which, depending on the quality of their explanation, can be a good place for me to step in). I can also assign them additional questions just for themselves.
I now handle all my students through 21st Night. It’s been a huge time saver, and produced really great student outcomes in terms of score achievements.

If you’d be interested in using 21st Night in your tutoring practice, contact me for a totally free account.


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