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21st Night: a tutoring app for you and your students | JustAddTutor

21st Night: a tutoring app for you and your students

Have you ever wanted complete visibility into your students’ studying?

With 21st Night, you have it. 21st Night is the app I designed to help me with my own tutoring.

21st Night will let you know when your students study, how much they study, and which questions and topics they struggle with.

Plus, it’s a central place to keep all the questions you’ve worked on with a student, so you, the student, or a parent can see exactly what you’ve done together.

The app itself is like a 3-sided collaborative flashcard. Together with a student, you can work on creating a card, with a question, an answer, and an explanation. The student reviews that card for homework, and marks how difficult they found it. As 21st Night uses a spaced repetition algorithm, more difficult cards are resurfaced more often.

The main 21st Night page, showing cards, review dates, etc.

As the student reviews cards, 21st Night logs analytics on how long they spend, which cards they review, and how difficult they find them. These analytics are available to the student, the tutor, and the parents.

So, if a student is having particular difficulty on a certain topic or question, you’ll know to focus your tutoring session on that. On the other hand if a student is simply not spending enough time on their questions, you’ll know to focus on that as well.

Try 21st Night free for 14 days.

How to use 21st Night

21st Night is an app designed by a tutor for tutors. In my tutoring practice, we tutor all the graduate exams, which include math, verbal, and content-focused exams.

We use 21st Night to:

  1. Assign our clients work
  2. See analytics on the work we assigned them
  3. Make sure they actually remember what we taught

To see how 21st Night works, watch the video below, or read on!

Let’s start with how to set it up. Here’s an example deck that I’ve created.

When I click through, I get to see how each student is doing on the questions, including any notes they’ve taken for themselves explaining the problem or giving themselves hints (which, depending on the quality of their explanation, can be a good place for me to step in).

I can also assign them additional questions just for themselves, or they can add cards to their own personal deck.

Adding an algebra card with a complex equation. This can be done by the tutor or the student.

Last, if I want to see how my students are performing on the categories I assigned, I can get either a quick look at their proficiency or a detailed look at the analytics.

The analytics page. I’ve hand-drawn brackets to show options to filter by student, category, or subcategory. I can also drill down for per question analytics.
I can also drill down even further for day-by-day reports, if you want to check on a particular study-session.

Using this app (available on mobile or desktop, by the way), we can achieve much better outcomes for our students with minimal effort on our part.

Our tutoring sessions are more productive, as I know exactly what my students are having trouble with.

On their own time, our students’ self-studying is much more productive, as 21st Night forces them to review and redo the questions that they have the most trouble with.

Last, our clients are even happier than before because they can see the progress they’ve made. They can see every question they’ve mastered right in 21st Night.

Try 21st Night free for 14 days.

Real results

“Your method of preparing for the GRE has been by far the best method I have encountered to succeed in this exam. If I were to take any other standardized examinations in the future, 21st Night would be the first tool I reached out for.”

Anirudh Sriram, University of Chicago Graduate Program in Computer Science

I increased from 590 to 680 in just 7 weeks, thanks to 21st Night and you!

Ink Eze, AsoEbiBella

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21st Night is free for tutors, but works on a licensing model for their students. Each student will need their own license, which costs $40 for 3 months, $50 for 6 months, and $75 for a year.

Check out our pricing page for more info.