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Creating an online tutoring adveritsiement | JustAddTutor

How to Create an Advertisement for Tuition Classes

The toughest part about being a tutor is advertising your services effectively. Most tutors get sort of lost: they try Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, but nothing seems to work.

That’s because those websites don’t work for advertising tutoring. At least, not directly.

In reality, you need to advertise your tutoring on the places people look when they want to find a tutor. Think about it this way: when you need to find a plumber, where are you likely to look?

You probably won’t look on Facebook, or Twitter, or Youtube. A plumber isn’t something cool that you spend money on because your favorite vlogger spent money on it, right?

Instead, you’re going to search on Google for “plumber near me”. Then you’re going to go on Yelp to look at their reviews. Maybe you’ll even go on Thumbtack if you want to compare rates.

These are all the sites that people go on when they want to find honest, reliable people who can solve their problems. And, as a tutor, that’s how you want to be considered: as an honest, reliable person who can solve your clients’ problems.

So, how do you advertise on Google, Yelp, or Thumbtack? I’ve written over 2000 words about marketing your tutoring business already, and a lot of those things still apply.

But, the short answer is: you need a profile that shows off your reviews, your logistics (what you tutor, how you tutor, how much you charge), and any affiliations you have.

Then, to get more traffic on Google, you need to work on your SEO. That’s a big topic that I cover in my guides. Basically, your website needs to clearly communicate what you do and why you do it.

The biggest mistake I see tutors make is that they don’t clearly communicate why anyone would hire them over a competing tutor. They’ll often list their logistics, but they won’t explain why their clients should choose them.

If you’re creating a flyer or poster for your tuition classes, make sure to include why people should hire you. Focus on what benefit you provide first: don’t just compete on price. That’s a surefire way to end up making no money from your tutoring.