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How much can a law school tutor really help Kim Kardashian? | JustAddTutor

By now, you might have seen the latest thing Kim K did that annoyed the Internet.

She’s…gasp… going to law school! And getting a tutor to help her!

Kim claims that anyone could do what she did, and that she’s “creating new lanes”. Others are not so convinced:

Well, just how much can a tutor help a law school student? Long story short: a lot. The LSAT and the bar exam are both hard exams. Expensive tutors (like yours truly) charge a lot for tutoring them.

Why? Well, the short answer is that tutors help. Back in 1984, Benjamin Bloom compared students tutored with “mastery learning techniques” vs. students in a classroom.

Bloom found that the average tutored student did better than 98% of the classroom students. Pretty crazy, huh?

So, good on Kim K for following her dreams and trying to be a lawyer. But, she has definitely got some advantages.