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Tutor.com Review Roundup: is tutoring for Tutor.com worth it? | JustAddTutor

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Round-up of Tutor.com reviews: is tutoring for Tutor.com worth it?

The Tutor.com professor and his Tutor.com review. He has strong opinions!

Tutor.com is a major force in online tutoring. They claim over 16 million tutoring sessions completed, and do very well in all the search results for tutoring. But, it’s worth asking: is tutoring for Tutor.com worth it?

In my short and sweet opinion as a professional tutor, the answer is no. Tutor.com pays as little as $11/hr, which is nothing. If you’re a tutor like me, making $8000/month, why would you ever work for a company that pays $11/hr? I wouldn’t be able to afford my rent, even if I worked full time!.

It’s far better to learn how to market yourself as a tutor online, then charge a proper amount, like $100/hr. Don’t starve yourself.

But, that’s just my opinion. Let’s look at the review roundup!

Glassdoor Tutor.com Reviews: 3.3/5 stars

Selected Tutor.com quote: “Worst job I ever had”

Before I begin, just a note: I filtered for “part-time” as I didn’t want to accidentally include reviews for people who work for Tutor.com corporate.

Anyhow, people on Glassdoor are generally unhappy.

The pros they list are:

  1. Flexible hours (which comes with tutoring, of course)
  2. Possible to work from home (which is true of all tutoring)
  3. Mentor system can be nice
  4. Paychecks arrive on time

The cons they list are

  1. The pay is terrible!
  2. There aren’t enough hours
  3. Some of the mentors are terrible.
  4. The work is very seasonal
  5. The tutors get almost none of what the clients pay
  6. Tutors end up getting hit with a big tax bill in April
  7. The software is not good

Indeed Tutor.com Reviews: 3.8/5 work-life balance, 2.6/5 pay and benefits, 2.9/5 job security

Selected Indeed Quote: “Loved the work, hated the emplyer.”

Once again, I filtered just for tutors, so as to avoid full-time employees.

There are some people on Indeed who are happy, and some who are very unhappy.

The pros they list are

  1. Flexible schedule.
  2. Work from home.
  3. Management is friendly.
  4. Good communication.
  5. It’s better than no job.

The cons they list are

  1. The pay is terrible.
  2. There’s not enough hours to go around.
  3. The supervisors can be bad.
  4. No room for advancement
  5. The work is very seasonal.

Reddit Tutor.com Reviews: 2.4/5 Stars

Selected Reddit Quote: “I do like Tutor.com, but I hope I don’t get fired”

This is a detailed comment from a guy on Reddit that I thought was useful. It is just one guy, but he seems to have good thoughts.

The pros they list are

  1. Students are generally pretty nice.
  2. Students don’t try to weasel out of paying.
  3. It’s east enough to get clients.

The cons they list are

  1. The mentors are really annoying, not helpful, and detrimental to the experience of the student.
  2. You’re expected to research students’ essays to help them write, which is unpaid labor.
  3. There’s no potential for promotion.
  4. The pay is really weak: $14.50/hr.
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