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Which state does the best job at preparing students for college? Here's a map showing average SAT and ACT score by state, 2017. | JustAddTutor

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Which state does the best job of preparing its students for college? It may just be… South Dakota?

Think tanks, teachers, and lawmakers argue bitterly over college preparedness. Everyone agrees that there’s a problem, but it seems like nobody agrees on a solution. As a result, across the US, states try a million different methods to get their students prepared for college, from teacher training to school vouchers. Given this diversity of methods, it’s worth asking who’s getting it right.

Well, one way to judge that is by the average SAT and ACT scores of students in each state. Now, this isn’t a perfect method, as some states require college entrance exams while others make it optional, and the percentage of students taking the SAT or ACT in a given state can vary drastically. This means sometimes it’s only motivated students taking these exams, other times it’s everyone. Still, it’s useful information. And, if this method is any indication, it looks like the states in the midwest (especially South Dakota) are doing well.

Check out the map below to see the full details!

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